You thought that keno, scratch cards or bingo were unusual, wait to see what we have in store online slot game malaysia for you here,

Virtual Racebook 3D

Virtual Racebook 3D is a virtual horse racing game from Betsoft! The game, quite complete, gives you different information about the horses and the jockeys that ride them, then offers you different types of bets (including the essential tiercé). It’s up to you to choose your horse well!

In all, Virtual Racebook 3D gives you a choice between 8 teams chosen randomly each time the game is opened. But where this game is most entertaining is when the time comes for the actual race. The game then leaves its 2D interface and shows us a 3D horse race in real-time.

The game is in English, but nothing insurmountable. For those who still find it difficult to find their brand, we have tested Virtual Racebook 3D. You will find everything you need to know to play and appreciate this UFO at its fair value. And to try it, it’s a little lower.

Darts 180

Darts 180 (1 × 2 Gaming) is a dart game like you would find in any bar. You have a dart at the end of your mouse and opposite, a target. Your goal will be to plant it, as well as those who will follow, as close to the center in order to collect as many points as possible, the maximum being 180.

The game begins with a bet varying between 0.1 and 10 euros. Once your bet is made, click on the green arrow to “grab” a dart. Aim, click to shoot and try again. In total, you are entitled to three tries.

The results of your throws are displayed to the left of the green arrow, and to its right, you will have your total points. Your win, which will be a multiplier, will depend on this total: you need at least 40 points to win the first multiplier, which is an x0.5. Between 60 and 69 points, you will win an x2, between 70 and 79, an x3, etc. The biggest multiplier, X1000, can be won by making the highest score possible in the game, namely 180 points.

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